My love of art, though sometimes taking a back seat to my family and legal career, has grown into a central focus of my time and energy.  With 25 years of study at The Art League School and art workshops in the U.S. and abroad, I have experimented with a variety of artistic media – and have enjoyed all of them – but find that I most enjoy painting (both oils and watercolors) and printmaking (primarily etching and monotypes).  I am particularly drawn to the interplay of light and colors, found in virtually any subject matter, and to experimenting with the ways in which an image is altered when depicted in different media.

The close observation entailed in learning to “see like an artist” has enhanced my awareness and appreciation of the visual world, expanding the range of subject matter depicted in my work.  I still enjoy the pastoral landscapes and flowers that were the principal focus of my earlier work but, as my skills and confidence have grown, I find myself drawn to increasingly complex and challenging images – for example, a recent series of paintings of performing musicians.  Now retired from the legal profession, I continue to increase the time and effort that I am able to devote to my art and hope to further develop and refine my artistic voice in works that use traditional techniques to create dynamic, contemporary realist images.

Like all artists, I have been taught, influenced, and inspired by others.  Yet the infinite possibilities for combining lines, colors, values, and shapes provide the opportunity to create and share something uniquely my own.